Monday, 10 July 2017

A Day in the Life

As we're pretty much caught up with me and where I'm at, and because some of you seemed curious about what my daily life is like I figured I'd run you through a typical day. Be prepared for lots of photos!

The below events occurred on Friday July 7th and Saturday July 8th 2017.

04:30 Alarm goes off. I try my best to ignore it so I can get 15 extra minutes of quality bed time. Instead I check my phone and get distracted by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

04:45 I'm rudely disturbed by second alarm. I feel momentarily disappointed that I wasted my time on the internet. I begin to battle my way out of bed and into the shower. Get dressed,  realise I look a mess, plaster a load of make-up on my face and get ready to leave the house.
Boss Coffee Vending machines

06:08 Leave the house, walk slowly to work, mostly due to the damn humidity, and due to the fact that my head is usually in the clouds thinking of nothing and everything all at once. Like why is it called Boss Coffee, when it's not that boss at all? And if the vending machine could talk what would it say?

Making my Cafe Frappe!
They trust you to press the button to get your own milk.
I'm almost like a barista

06:23 I stop off at my local Convenience Store and spend  ¥510 (£3.50) on my lunch, (a salad) and a Cafe Frappe. I'm addicted to these things, I promised myself I'd stop drinking them but... Frozen coffee that fuels my day, what's not to like? And why should I stop? I continue walking to work, drinking my Frappe, cos I'm cool like that. Secretly glad that I get to see the smiley super happy Shiba Inu, even if his owner does sense I'm super crazy lady who will steal his dog. I know this because he always moves him away from me. And it breaks my fragile heart.

A view from the break room

6:36 Arrive at work. Finish Frappe, prepare for the day and lessons ahead.

07:00 Start working, meet a variety of people who are learning English Conversation.Some mornings I'm lucky and I have a break. This was one of them, so I go for a walk around outside before it gets too hot. I clear my head and get some much needed exercise. Most days I defeat the whole point of doing the exercise as I just buy more coffee. I go back to work

Sitting down when commuting means looking at a lot of legs.

13:00 Friday is my half day, so I eat my lunch before heading to my train station to go to my Japanese class. The commute is not so busy and I manage to get a seat, and a view of legs... too many legs.
Study time,
a little bit like Hammer Time,
 but less baggy trousers

14:02 Arrive a little too early for my class, so study a bit before heading to class. During class have the horrific realisation that I cannot for the life of me do languages, that my school report was in fact a lie, and I am not a "natural linguist". Thanks Mr Nuttall, my whole life has been built on a lie! Finish class and head back to Shibuya.

Hachiko and the crowds

17:00 Hang around near Hachiko waiting for my friend, try to avoid the strange men who attempt to talk to me. This part is easy, stare blindly at my phone, say "Sorry No English" if they attempt to talk, if all else feels turn brutal and yell "GO AWAY!" My friend arrives and we head for food and drink.
Probably the only time in my life I'll be Number 1
Cabbage, Chicken Nan-ban and BEER!!!!

17:09 Arrive at a Torikizoku, get very excited by the fact that we are in fact number 1 to be seated. I've never been Number 1 at anything, so obviously I celebrate with food and beer.

Shibuya Crossing

Walking to Karaoke
21:04 After eating and drinking too much we head to Karaoke, braving Shibuya crossing, where as soon as the lights change everyone suddenly transfigures into one of two sets of people, either a mindless zombie, or the one I like to call a "Let's stand in the middle of the crossing and take a selfie!"  Ok, I get it, it's not a catchy name, but it'll do!
Never thought I'd like singing Oasis as much as I do

Calories burnt 7.2!! He's impressed, I'm impressed, we're all impressed.

21:10 Arrive at Karaoke, continue drinking whilst belting out songs at Karaoke. Basically I'm a Karaoke addict, music is great for stress relief, and getting out feelings. It's a great shared experience, and some of the places even tell you how many calories you burnt whilst singing. You can lose weight whilst singing. I burnt 7.2kcal singing Oasis - Whatever. Even the dude in the Karaoke video looks impressed!

23:40 Head back to Shibuya station, drunk but happy!
Commuting in Tokyo AKA Packed in like Sardines

23:58 Morph into a sardine and get a super busy train home. Internally lament all life choices that lead to the decision of catching this train home. But secretly know I'll do it again. Stagger home.

Extremely tired Selfie

 1:07 Crawl  into bed, snuggle the nearest plush. So what if I'm a grown woman!!! (Stop judging me, Judgey McJudgeface.) Close eyes and hope sleep comes easily.

So there you have it, a day in my life. Is it as you expected? What's your typical day like?


  1. Can't believe you have to get up at 4.30am. don't know how you manage to do that!
    And to the Shiba Inu owner LET ROXY STROKE YOUR DOG AND possibly kidnap it ����
    Lovin your blog Deb X

    1. I don't have to, I choose to! Yes I may actually be crazy! And I agree that man is really unkind! Thanks for reading Deb!! x

  2. If I got up that early, Id be fast asleep by mid-afternoon!
    Apart from that, it seems like a pretty awesome way to spend a day! x

    1. Oh believe me sometimes I struggle not to fall asleep. Coffee is my best friend! x


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