Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Meet Arthur

So I recently made some confessions and wrote about a demon, I guess one of my inner demons. Of course I'm aware that this "Demon" is my own inner negative thoughts. But personally I like to embrace my dark side. However this isn't always great, as not only do I embrace it but I nurture it, and sometimes the darker thoughts drown out my lighter brighter side.

In an attempt to combat this I decided to make my main inner demon a bit more cartoon like. So this is Arthur, he likes to tell me I'm not good enough, and that no one cares. Of course, I understand I'm surrounded by love, and great friends, and so much opportunity. But when Arthur throws a tantrum sometimes it's hard to ignore, and he does prevent me from following up on opportunities, and creating more. But now he's this little cute thing, I feel I can accept and fight my feelings, and shout him down easily. I'm a warrior, and whatever happens I learn, and I come back stronger and fight back harder.

Inner Demon, Arthur
Arthur, you dick!

Ultimately, perhaps it helps to admit that we all have negative thoughts, we all have inner demons, or whatever you choose to call it. Human nature in itself is flawed, we are all machines without operating manuals, some of us understand our basic needs, but we're a lot more complex than that.

We are all warriors fighting a battle, some people choose to fight alone, others fight in groups. But today I want to promise my readers and anyone I come into contact with that if you need me, I'm here, to listen, to help you fight your demons, to hold your hand as you talk, to support you in whatever way I can. 

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a trained professional, I'm just another flawed human, struggling my own way through my life, I don't have the answers, or the operating manual, but maybe truly the only way we can beat our fears and demons is through kindness and compassion, to ourselves and to others.


  1. Joyful read and I couldn't agree more about defeating our own demons and each other's by kindness and compassion, it takes nothing now-a-days to be kind yet it's the most expensive behaviour to come across sometimes :( I truly look forward too more Roxilicious ramblings In the near future.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read!

      I think if there was more kindness and compassion in the world we'd maybe all be a lot happier. I guess sometimes people are too worried, or scared to be kind. It can be hard to be kind if there's fear of people rejecting your behaviour or thinking you are strange.


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